Where to Eat..:

May 28, 2011

Maracuja…cheese steak heaven and then some!


I love Maracuja.. Best friggin cheese steaks I’ve ever had.. Also they have Lagunitas IPA which has helped me be hungover so many times.. Charlie and Connie are the owner operators.. They rule.. There’s also an amazing back yard.. Come here and drink and eat or regret living…

Jan 14, 2011

I Am Full Of Crepe… And Its Glorious!!!

OK, that title is lame but the restaurant Pates et Traditions is fucking Glorious!!! Traditional Nice food that’s really nice… (I think i read that one in some kind of Martha Stuart Magazine…) I have been eating at Pates et Traditions for about two years now… I try to eat there once a week as [...]

Jan 13, 2011

The Best Damned Pizza…!!!!!!

The best damned pizza in the hood…. I eat here a lot more than I should…  Usually I only eat pizza when i am broke but since Best Pizza opened last whenever it was, i been eatin pizza all the damn time… It’s Veggie friendly as you have to order meat on the slice.. Bacon [...]

Jan 12, 2011

Food… I like that shit.. Its good stuff… Here is Where to Get Some

I must admit that i had a whole essay written earlier about where to eat and how awesome i was and how you all should listen to the genius that spews from my finger tips.. But then that fucking piece of shit phone ap WordPress crashed and i lost the whole muther fucking thing…  I [...]