Brand New TATTOO SHOP… Greenpoint Tattoo Co.

Hello Everyone,

Big news here in Brooklyn..

This Friday, July 15 from 7pm to 11pm will be the sneak preview/ friends and family opening to my brand spankin new Tattoo shop!!!

Greenpoint Tattoo Co.
131 Meserole Ave
(corner of Meserole Ave and Leonard)

Holy shit , I know…
Crazy town…

Come on by and check it out!!!
I commands it!
It’s Amazing!!

Come and get tattooed by the ones and only’s Hillary Fischer White and Chuck Donaghue!!!!!!

Come by and grab a beer and or a glass of the mystical “secret” punch!
Or just a coke..

Do it.. Do it…
I know you want to…
How can you resist..?!?

So come on down and hang out!!!

Make an appointment to get tattooed!!!
It’s beneficial to a balanced life style.. Way healthier than yoga… And vegetables..

Come by Saturday July 16 for our first official open for tattoosDAY!!! and get one!! or two…
We will be taking walk ins..
Holy Crap get tattooed!!!

Hope to see you all on Friday!
cus i’m totally not making a list of who’s not there…that would be wrong..

One Love… and then some,

John Reardon
Greenpoint Tattoo Co.
131 Meserole Ave
Brooklyn, NY