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Apr 30, 2011

Steps to painting a Back Piece.. Or the cause of hemorrhoids


I just finished this thing right now.. I don’t know how to set this up right from my phone but I’ll show the influence, the drawing, line work, down to the finished piece.. Word…

Apr 22, 2011

Razors edge… It’s wicked sharp..

Here’s a couple of new tatties..

Apr 15, 2011

Some New Tattoos

Here are some tats I just banged out.. Still working on getting better pictures.. These are from my phone as downloading pictures from my camera is a hemorrhoid.. Big ole dropped grape.. I must apologize for the sideways picture.. I am unable to download Photoshop due to clerical issues which will be solved as soon [...]

Apr 14, 2011

Copenhagen Convention 2011.. With a side order of LeFix.

Copenhagen!!! I went back.. Again.. Had tons of fun.. Again.. Drank too much beer and need to detox.. Again.. I’m writing this from my phone so I’m just going to put the pictures up at random.. Hopefully this will work.. It worked!!! Huzzah!! Huzzah!!! I would like to thank Moller for letting me and my [...]