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Jan 26, 2011

Wearing Shorts In ARIZONA…

The first morning i was there, a herd of deer were loitering around my parents house... I told them to screw but they just gave me dirty looks and pissed all over everything.. damn Wildlife.. bunch of punks.. I think they were trying to flip me off but as they have no middle Hoof, i didnt see what they were trying to prove.

I just got back from a short visit to my parents house in Rio Rico, AZ. No, I am not from there…  Nor are they… They are in a state of Mostly Retired in the state of Arizona… That’s retired not retarded.. although… I got to do yard work, eat, and tattoo my dad all [...]

Jan 24, 2011

More of “how important I am” on a freinds blog..

I tattooed Antonio well over a year ago… he has a blog…and here is me on his blog… Check it out…! I rule.. Antonio rules… you Rule… Everyone..well not everyone.. lets be real here….

Jan 15, 2011

Some new tatts.. Bro..

I just did these in the last few days.. Word..

Jan 14, 2011

I Am Full Of Crepe… And Its Glorious!!!

OK, that title is lame but the restaurant Pates et Traditions is fucking Glorious!!! Traditional Nice food that’s really nice… (I think i read that one in some kind of Martha Stuart Magazine…) I have been eating at Pates et Traditions for about two years now… I try to eat there once a week as [...]

Jan 13, 2011

The Best Damned Pizza…!!!!!!

The best damned pizza in the hood…. I eat here a lot more than I should…  Usually I only eat pizza when i am broke but since Best Pizza opened last whenever it was, i been eatin pizza all the damn time… It’s Veggie friendly as you have to order meat on the slice.. Bacon [...]

Jan 12, 2011

Food… I like that shit.. Its good stuff… Here is Where to Get Some

I must admit that i had a whole essay written earlier about where to eat and how awesome i was and how you all should listen to the genius that spews from my finger tips.. But then that fucking piece of shit phone ap WordPress crashed and i lost the whole muther fucking thing…  I [...]

Jan 08, 2011

NYC Cyclists Beware!!!! The Cops are after you!

So there I was.. Cruising down Bedford Ave in my way home from a long day of tattooing… I was just about to cross Lorimer St. When I spied a cop car stopping a delivery guy… I figured he was riding on the sidewalk which the police seem to enjoy busting people for or it [...]

Jan 07, 2011

My New MotherFucking Bike!!! Affinity Cycles Rules!!

Just got this here new ass bike!! It’s pretty awesome.. It goes pretty fast.. I kind of feel a little unsafe cus it goes so fast.. It’s pretty awesome.. You should get one too.. Cus it’s pretty awesome.. I drew the scripts on it.. Affinity Cycles 616 Grand St. Brooklyn, NY 11211

Jan 06, 2011

Best Fucking Art Show Ever!!! Go Buy Some shit!!!

It was a cold December night in the streets of Manhattan when all Viking Hell Broke loose!!! Fucking pandemonium!! or at least that’s what everyone said cus like an asshole i forgot to get there on time and missed the Viking Parade… It was Dennis McNett’s first solo show at the Joshua Liner Gallery in [...]

Jan 05, 2011

One Shot Coffee Sign… in One Shot..

Here is the sign i Painted for One Shot Coffee in Philly… I did it with One Shot Paint ironically… it led to many a confusing conversations throughout the project… i only have the one shot of the one side… and 12 more puns that i have been saving for this blog… i am a [...]

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