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Dec 17, 2010

Friggin Banjo, man.. Like squeel like a pig and shit..!


I did this last Wednesday on Gene from Tattoo Culture.. He sat like a champ.. No pig squealing… Which was a disappointment.. Shucks.

Dec 08, 2010


Here is the card i give out to all the wonderful people who have made the relatively smart choice of getting a tattoo from me… Who am I kidding.. Best damn choice they ever made… I am putting it up so everyone can learn from it.. The only thing that i am too lazy to [...]

Dec 04, 2010

Devil head and a fine sexy nurse..

Here’s a couple of tatts I did this week.. Next week we’ll discuss how starving I am cus I’m doing one of those cleans programs.. I guess it’s ok to replace feeling toxic and shitty with feeling completely starving and light headed.. We shall see..