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Nov 19, 2010

New Photos in the Tattoo Gallery..

this tattoo is atleast 4 months old when i took the picture...

I finally did put all my latest tattoo pictures up on my site… it took all day to fix the damn things…. i should just get a good camera, tripod, black background and lights… it would save so much time… one more thing drowning in my to do list… i think i have some more [...]

Nov 12, 2010

7th Chakra.. Work in progress

This is a small corner of a back that’s a work in progress… Little Jondix, Hooper action… This is really fun.. I like working with threes… Would like to do more like this.. I definitely took long enough…

Nov 11, 2010

PBS Rules.. Especially When It’s about ME!!!

I had a fucking Huge headache when they filmed this….

Nov 11, 2010

New Video of Me… made by Bryce Ward..

Nov 09, 2010

Got wordpress to work on my phone!!!

I can’t believe it…! It works!! Now my plan is complete!!! There will be no stopping me now!!!!!! Except for laziness… Which is more of a slight blockage.. And comes and goes.. More coffee… I don’t know if this photo worked But its for a coverup… Outlined it the other day.. Don’t steal it.. I [...]

Nov 09, 2010

I have More Photos.. someday I’ll do something with them…

Howdy.. I have lots of finished tattoos to put online… someday i may actually do that.. until then, here are two pictures.. one fromm before i went to Scandinavia and one i did whenst i got back… they were fun to do…  More people should come and get tattoos like these..  This means you!!! I [...]