Baked Reunion

So a few weeks ago a friend of mine, John MacKenzie of Mean Machines motorcycles Ft. Lauderdale,FL came back up to good old Brooklyn for a short visit…(

I had not seen him on over a year.. It was time for a celebration.. which we smoked…

We then decided it would be a grand idea to tattoo him.. I am not much of a worker smoker.. more of a smoker sit around and hope i don’t have an anxiety attack oh look its Netflix kind of guy.. I don’t see Josh very often and he hadn’t been tattooed in while so what the hell..  this is what we came up with..

Just started this the other day…

This was really fun ans i cant wait to finish it…

I am posting it here for Miki Foged who tattoos in Miami.  We were talking on the phone while i started the drawing and he wanted to see the drawing.

i dont have much to say now as i just prepped a bunch of photos for my tattoo section of the site… man that shit fries my brain…i was going to run over to Smith St tattoo to see the drawing Quinters did for my back but no time for love Dr. Jones… I got to send the new flicks into Mr. Vialetto’s magazines too.. i have a great fear of post offices.. Or is it laziness.. same shit… but fear sounds better..any way… self promotion is a bitch but banks need their money and who am i to deny them that.. (I don’t have the worlds largest army for back up.)


work in progress