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Sep 04, 2010

Baked Reunion

So a few weeks ago a friend of mine, John MacKenzie of Mean Machines motorcycles Ft. Lauderdale,FL came back up to good old Brooklyn for a short visit…( I had not seen him on over a year.. It was time for a celebration.. which we smoked… We then decided it would be a grand idea [...]

Sep 01, 2010

I gave them all Crabs… And i liked it…..

We had a Mexican crab party here at Ol’ Studio 9 last week…  Three people went home with crabs… very musical crabs..

Sep 01, 2010

Just started this the other day…

This was really fun ans i cant wait to finish it… I am posting it here for Miki Foged who tattoos in Miami.  We were talking on the phone while i started the drawing and he wanted to see the drawing. i dont have much to say now as i just prepped a bunch of [...]